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We ship fresh cranberries, 7.5 pounds for $28 (including shipping) anywhere in the United States.
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex or Discover.  You can also mail us a check for $28 and we will ship your fruit out.   Please call to use credit card.
Fresh cranberries can also be purchased direct at the farm if you are local. 





Your cranberries were the best...can't wait to eat them at Thanksgiving.... Prattsburgh, NY


Brewing up cranberry wheat beer with our fresh cranberries....Hanson, MA

Our cranberries are hand scooped using wooden antique cranberry scoops and sorted on our antique separator.  The hand picked fruit is of superior quality and color.  We use two different varieties for fresh fruit.

Early Black: Discovered by N. Robbins in 1852 in Harwich, Massachusetts, they are the first berries to market in September. Growers like them because they can be harvested before the fall frost season. The berries are smaller and yield less than new hybrids but have a sweeter taste and intense red color. Early Black is used for fresh fruit and processing.  The variety makes great wholeberry cranberry sauce.  About 90-130 berries fit in a cup. This variety represents 43% of acreage in Massachusetts. We have 2.5 acres of early black on our farm. Typically available in late Sept. 


Howes: Discovered by E. Howes in 1843 in East Dennis, Massachusetts, Howes are harvested about three weeks after the Early Blacks. Howes produce bigger, firmer, tart berries and they store well. Howes can be sliced and still hold their berry shape. Howes are a great fresh fruit berry. About 80-115 Howes berries fit in a cup. This variety represents 36% of acreage in Massachusetts. We have 8.5 acres of Howes on our farm. Available mid October.